Brian Stelter 'down to final weeks if not days' at CNN, report

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On Wednesday, News Cycle Media President Jon Nicosia took to Twitter to announce that CNN’s Brian Stelter “is ‘down to weeks if not days’ left at CNN. They go on ‘He is everything that reminds the new owners of the Zucker era they desperately want to get past.'”

Nicosia claimed the info came from an anonymous source who also said “management is confident Stelter is the one sharing the internal pushback to fellow media reporters while simultaneously stirring discontent within the ranks.”

Stelter’s tenure at CNN has been one of deep partisanship embroiled as objectivity. He has taken potshots at people and outlets who disagree with him, such as Fox News and podcaster Joe Rogan. Both of those instances his criticisms relied on the narrative that he and CNN were trustworthy news outlets and they were not.

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