Brian Stelter Must Be Livid as Sales for His New Book Bomb in Brutal First Week

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Former CNN talking head Brian Stelter has given us one more reason to hammer a nail in the coffin of the establishment media.

According to Mediaite, Stelter’s latest book sold an atrocious 3,807 copies in its first week, following its Nov. 14 publication.

An establishment shill who spent years posing as a media critic while hosting CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Stelter wrote “Network of Lies: The Epic Saga of Fox News, Donald Trump, and the Battle for American Democracy.”

Notwithstanding that dramatic title, the reading public apparently anticipated nothing “epic” in Stelter’s book.

“Network of Lies” tanked despite support from Simon & Schuster, one of the nation’s top publishers.

The book also had no shortage of promotion from the author. In fact, Mediaite described Stelter as “nearly ubiquitous in the political media world” before and after the book’s publication.

Of course, Mediaite — a left-wing news outlet — gave Stelter’s bomb as positive a spin as possible, noting, for instance, “his seamless return to the CNN airwaves and how well-received he was, not just at his former employer, but also on MSNBC, where he has frequently appeared as a guest,” and touting the book’s “rave reviews” from The New York Times.

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