Bribery Biden’s Government Is Invasive and Corrupt – Here’s One Way to Protect Your Right to Privacy

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Joe Biden’s corrupt government has made it clear that they have no problem labeling regular Americans as “domestic terrorists,” even if the suspects in question are simply concerned parents who want to know what their children are learning in school or even God-fearing U.S. citizens peacefully protesting the left’s attempts to steal elections.

For that matter, Biden’s federal government has also had no issue pushing Big Brother legislation in the vein of George Orwell’s “1984,” as the administration threw its support behind the renewal of a surveillance-state law over the summer.

The law, Section 702, would continue to allow the NSA’s wiretapping and data collection on U.S. soil and abroad for the alleged purpose of monitoring of foreign terrorist threats and espionage.

Like the CIA’s notorious Project SHAMROCK, which intercepted American telegrams under the guise of national security, Section 702 was silently grafted into President George W. Bush’s early 2000s secret Stellarwind program, which collected telephone records for whom you called and when, as well as your personal text messages.

Or even more recently, just recently it was revealed that Biden’s corrupt government asked banks to search certain Americans’ records for words like “MAGA” and “Trump,” along with gun and Bible purchases — a clear violation and disrespect of fundamental civil liberties.

Most Americans, or at least conservatives who are being targeted, take extreme offense to this type of state and federal overreach — as they should. However, at the same time, it can be difficult to communicate without using mainstream technologies.

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