British woman lets bird nest in her hair for 84 days

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Hannah Bourne-Taylor, who relocated to Ghana because of her husband’s new job in 2018 found herself letting a baby finch nest in her hair for 84 days, saying it helped ease her loneliness.

Bourne-Taylor had relocated with her husband from London, and wasn’t permitted by her visa to work at the time. She told the media that the experience “helped with my loneliness” as she had very little to do otherwise.

According to the Guardian, the outlet which published her “experience” on Friday, she found the “fledgling – a bronze-winged mannikin finch – barely a month old, on the ground,” after a strong thunderstorm had apparently knocked it out of the nest. She took the bird in, and immediately started researching how to care for it.

“The next day, he woke with his mouth open and a shrill hunger call,” recounts Bourne-Taylor in her article. “I fed him termites and, instinctively, chirped at him. He chirped back and clambered into my hand, digging in his beak and head, then fell asleep in my palm. As far as he was concerned, I was his mother.”

Bourne-Taylor then recounted the following 84 days, in which the bird nested in various spots on her upper body.

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