Bruce Willis’ Wife Issues Emotional Plea to Paparazzi After Ailing Actor’s Uncomfortable Encounter

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When Emma Heming Willis married Bruce Willis in 2009, she obviously had no idea that barely more than a decade later, she’d be caring for a dementia patient.

So it should come as no surprise that she’s asking for a little help.

What may be a little more surprising was the gracious way she made her emotional request.

Willis posted her video plea to Instagram on Saturday, asking the world first to “excuse my appearance” because it was Saturday morning and she’d recently gotten out of bed — which gives you a good idea of how important it was to her to get this message out.

Willis said she was offering the video “in the spirit of raising awareness around dementia.” In February, she had announced on social media that her husband had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

After explaining that it could be very “difficult and stressful” to get someone with dementia “out into the world … safely, even just to get a cup of coffee.”

The day before, her husband had apparently been out with friends, who, she said, “did a stand-up job protecting him.”

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