Bryan Kohberger’s New Attorney Overturned a Murder Conviction on a Detail Nobody Noticed – Will She Do Something Similar for Him?

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The man accused of murdering four college students in a case that has rocked a small Idaho town and stunned the nation has just been assigned a hotshot public attorney, who once famously got a murder charge against her client overturned.

Bryan Kohberger, who was arrested late last month in the brutal slayings that had remained an utter mystery to the public since they occurred on Nov. 13, will be represented by Kootenai, Idaho, chief public defender, Anne Taylor.

Investigators from Taylor’s office visited the house where the murders took place on Jan. 3 according to Fox News, and according to the British tabloid U.K. Daily Mail, she has initiated a crime scene recreation, which is unusual for public defenders.

Kohberger stands accused of breaking into the home where three of the college students lived and stabbing them and a visiting boyfriend to death. He was arrested in Pennsylvania on Dec. 30 and waived an extradition hearing to expedite the process of being returned to Idaho to face charges.

He is facing the death penalty over the crimes, a motive for which has yet to be established as far as investigators have revealed.

Taylor, meanwhile, once famously saw a murder charge against one of her clients overturned when she managed to prove that a police officer had given a false testimony from the stand.

The Mail reported that Taylor worked on the case of one Jonathan Ellington, who was accused of running over a woman with his car in a road rage incident.

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