Bud Light Fumbles While Trying to Recover Brand by Teaming Up with NFL Legend

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Two of the most beloved NFL legends in history are Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith.

Manning is the lovable, “aw shucks” goofball who just happens to have a government supercomputer for a human brain (at least when it comes to quarterbacking), and has won multiple Super Bowls and multiple league MVP awards while playing for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos.

Smith, meanwhile, was the workhorse running back of America’s Team — the Dallas Cowboys — during the franchise’s dynastic run in the mid-1990s (and also turned out to be a fine actor, at least based on his recurring role as himself on beloved sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.”)

You’d be hard-pressed to find two NFL icons with generally higher favorability ratings than Manning and Smith.

It would take a truly toxic property to get people to sour on those two.

Enter: Bud Light.

The embattled beer brand and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, have been fighting a losing public relations battle ever since it briefly partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney back in April.

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