Bud Light Hit with Devastating News as April Sales Numbers Come In: It’s a Bloodbath

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Bud Light crossed a line with many of its customers in March when it married its once-beloved brand with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the beer brand’s Belgian parent company, has been scrambling for more than a month to deal with the fallout from that decision.

The advertising firm that placed Mulvaney’s face on a can of America’s best-selling beer has been let go by the company while the marketing geniuses who made it all happen are said to be sidelined.

Bud Light appeared so desperate to court conservatives back that it resorted to putting country music in a recent ad that was obvious in its attempts to pander to everyday Americans:

While anecdotal, all of the initial evidence has pointed to the fact that conservative America has made its voice heard.

But now some raw numbers are in, and they are not good for the formerly great and formerly American-owned brewer.

On Monday, Beer Business Daily, an industry publication, shared domestic beer sales numbers for April that show the company felt the sting of conservative anger through plummeting sales.

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