Budd Says $863 Million in Biden Stimulus Payments Went to 597,000 Prison Inmates

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Newly released Department of the Treasury data by Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) revealed that at least $863 million in Economic Impact Payments (EIP) under President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan went to more than 597,000 incarcerated individuals in 2021.

“Nearly 600,000 incarcerated individuals receiving upwards of $1 billion is a disgrace to hardworking taxpayers of North Carolina. What’s most appalling is that every Senate Democrat voted to allow these payments to prisoners on March 6, 2021,” Budd said in a June 10 statement making the information public.

“I firmly believe that taxpayer money should never be sent to individuals who are serving in federal prison for truly evil crimes like murder, terrorism, and rape. Each and every taxpayer dollar is sacred and should be treated that way. The Biden administration needs to take responsibility for this massive misuse of taxpayer funds and Congress must hold them accountable,” Budd continued.

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