Buying new Harry Potter game is against 'trans dignity', says has-been failed congressional candidate, gamergate personality

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Disgraced Gamergate personality and failed congressional candidate Brianna Wu took to Twitter to announce that if you buy the upcoming game Hogwarts Legacy, based on the beloved Harry Potter children’s books by award-winning author JK Rowling, you “don’t care about trans dignity enough to sacrifice for them.”

Wu tweeted on January 15, “My position on Hogwarts Legacy is clear. I’m boycotting it. I think if you care about trans people you should too. But, in what should not be a surprise to anyone, most gamers don’t care about trans dignity enough to sacrifice for them. By all accounts, it will sell very well.”

“2/ This outcome shouldn’t surprise me. Gamers care even less about trans dignity than they did about the women who make games having a sexual harassment-free workplace. But it is deeply saddening to see.

“3/ If the people who buy games expected more of the industry and of themselves we would solve a lot of problems. Less sexual misconduct, less open discrimination, fewer predatory practices with microtransactions. But we expect nothing, and receive nothing in return,” Wu added.

Wu is a video game developer and trans rights activist.

One Twitter user replied, “Might get two copies.”

Kelly B wrote, “What is ‘trans dignity’ and why is it automatically entitled?”

“I swear, this ad campaign is the best I have seen in years. I am very close of pre-ordering the deluxe edition of Howards Legacy completely out of spite for these people,” another tweeted.

Wu doubled down and tweeted on January 16, “Hogwarts Legacy isn’t a game. It’s a character test. And a lot of people are about fail it.”

Rippaverse comic creator Eric July tweeted, “Raging leftist Brianna Wu calls for boycotting Hogwarts Legacy ‘if you actually care about trans people.’ Twitter ideologues are using the choice to purchase or boycott this game as a ‘purity test’ of their allies and friends. Streisand Effect – activated.”

Rowling has been attacked for her defense of the biological distinction between the sexes.

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