Calgary police officers will not be punished for displaying 'thin blue line' patch 'until further notice'

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The Calgary Police Service has announced that officers displaying the controversial “thin blue line” patch will not be reprimanded “until further notice.”

Members of the Calgary Police Service who continue to display a “thin blue line” patch have been told they will not be punished so long as the Calgary Police Commission and the police associations continue discussions over the symbol.

The patches have become a contentious issue as groups argue over its intended meaning.

“While it is acknowledged that CPC has provided lawful direction to the service,” Chief Mark Neufeld said in a press release, “further discussion by all stakeholders must take place to address the immediacy of the direction, as well as additional issues raised by the Calgary Police Association and Senior Officer Association.”

The CPC’s order to remove the patches was initially issued in March, however as The Calgary Sun reports, it was met with “varying reactions” from officers.

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