California becomes sanctuary state for medical gender transition for kids, teens

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On Wednesday afternoon, the California legislature gave its final approval to SB 107, which designates the state a safe haven for children looking to receive ‘gender-affirming’ healthcare, even against the wishes of their parents.

The bill, which will now head to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk, was introduced by State Senator Scott Wiener in 2021.

SB 107 would make the state a safe haven for child gender medical interventions, prohibiting out-of-state authorities from acting on subpoenas, warrants, and child custody issues if the minor was brought into the state for procedures like surgical gender reassignments or the prescribing of cross-sex hormones.

The legislation also prohibits insurance companies, healthcare providers, and contractors from releasing “medical information” related to the minor’s “gender-affirming health care” if the info is being “requested pursuant to another state’s law” that would enable “civil action against a person or entity who allows a child to receive gender-affirming health care.”

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