California Judge Hands Disney Major Defeat in Court, Massive 9K Plaintiff Lawsuit Will Continue

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A few months back, you may recall, actress Rachel Zegler — who will play Snow White in the latest of an interminable series of inferior live-action remakes of Disney’s animated library — made some news for implying that her version of the titular princess will be a woke feminist revision of the original 1937 heroine.

In this film, Zegler said, Snow White is more concerned about “becoming the leader she knows she can be,” and not “true love.”

In fact, the new version is “really not about the love story” with the prince “at all,” Zegler said, and she branded the original as creepy: “There is a big focus on the love story with the guy who literally stalks her. Weird, weird, weird.”

“The cartoon was made 85 years ago and therefore it’s extremely dated,” she said in another interview, saying her Snow White would be the “proactive one” in the plot.

I point this out because 1) these statements are fairly representative of the values of Disney in 2023 and 2) if the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit representing 9,000 female Disney employees have their facts straight, Zegler’s Snow White may indeed be the “proactive one,” but she’ll still probably get paid less than the prince.

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