California Panel Approves Reparation Payments for Black Residents Up to $1.2 Million Each – But That’s Not All

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California’s commission to decide how much the state should pay in reparations to black residents has decided upon a payment plan it sees as the beginning of a flow of cash.

Although ostensibly formed to address slavery, which was outlawed in the 19th century, the panel came up with differing annual amounts to quantify various forms of 20th and 21st century discrimination, according to The New York Times.

A qualifying lifelong state resident who is 71 years old, would get $1.2 million for what the panel claims were the effects of housing discrimination, mass incarceration and additional ills.

The panel noted that the cash payments are just the beginning.

“The initial down payment is the beginning of a process of addressing historical injustices not the end of it,” the report said.

Although California has roughly 2.5 million black residents, it’s unclear how many would qualify for the eligibility criteria, which say payouts will go to a descendant of a former slave or a descendant of a “free black person living in the United States prior to the end of the 19th century” should receive reparations.

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