California 'sanctuary state' law for 'trans kids' takes effect

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On Sunday, a bill that designates California as a sanctuary for teens and children who want medicalized gender transitions, went into effect.

On Saturday, state Senator Scott Wiener, who originally brought the bill forward, tweeted, “Tonight at midnight, SB 107 goes into effect & California officially becomes a state of refuge for trans kids & their families. As red states pursue 100s of laws criminalizing LGBTQ people — with incitement to violence all too common — CA stands strong as a beacon of hope.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the legislation, which is titled simply, “Gender-affirming health care,” into law on September 30. 

Wiener originated the bill in January of 2021 and it passed the California legislature over the summer. Weiner has also brought forward bills that relaxes laws for the sex offender registry, puts biological males in women’s prisons, and has worked to decriminalize those who infect others with HIV after not telling them of their positive status. Weiner also supports public heroin injection sites and decriminalizing prostitution.

The law allows individual minors, or minors with their family, to be unencumbered from out-of-state authorities who have warrants, subpoenas, or other child custody jurisprudence so long as the minor is now in California looking for a prescription of cross-sex hormones or surgical gender reassignment.

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