California school district doubles down on gender identity indoctrination after parents' complaint

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A California family in the Conejo Valley Unified School District was horrified to learn that their daughter had been exposed to harmful gender ideology in her third grade classroom, against their wishes and without their being notified. They only found out about it when the little girl came home and told her parents that a little boy in her class had been reintroduced to the students with a new, girl’s name. The teacher had read the class a book about a “trans child” to help explain things.

The teacher used the book to explain that boys and girls were not unique sexes, but interchangeable. The story, Call Me Max, explains to children that sex is something adults decide about a baby upon birth, and that a child then can decide later that the adults who made that decision were wrong. The book tracks a little girl who dresses like a boy, and describes that this, along with internal, undefined feelings, means the child is actually a boy.

The reasons given by the little girl in the story for believing she is a boy and not a girl include that she likes climbing trees, “looking for gross bugs,” doesn’t like wearing dresses, and that she doesn’t feel like a girl “on the inside.” The girl called Max said that she feels like a boy “on the inside.” Just what that feeling is, or how to identify it, is not explained.

The child is ushered into a group of “trans” kids, all of whom have this understanding of gender as an innate and personal inner feeling. This lesson accompanied the introduction of the child with a new name and gender.

Steve Schneider’s child goes to the school. He voiced his concern about gender identity being pushed on third graders without any prior notification. And while he attempted to reach out in person, there was no direct communication from the school or the district.

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