California teacher recommends the Gender Unicorn for preschoolers

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A California early childhood educator considers the Gender Unicorn an age-appropriate way to teach young children about gender and sexuality.

Danita McCray, a child development teacher in the Sacramento City Unified District, gave a presentation at a 2021 California Teachers Association (CTA) conference in which she advises other educators to use the gender unicorn to introduce the concept of gender identities to children as young as preschool, reports Fox News.

“This is the gender unicorn. I thought this would be a great tool that you can use with your students,” said McCray in the presentation. “You can download this and you can talk to them about it, and of course it’s age-appropriate.”

McCray thought young children could easily understand the unicorn’s sliding scales of male/female and man/woman that are labelled “sex assigned at birth,” and said she then tells them that they can be born a boy or girl but that they “may not feel that way.” This she felt was an age-appropriate way to speak to children just learning about the world and who believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

McCray’s classroom has no girl toys and no boy toys, as well as no girl bathroom or boy bathroom, and said she tells parents that if they don’t like the lessons she teaches or the way her classroom is set up, their child can “go to another classroom.”

According to Fox News, when McCray was asked by a fellow teacher whether toddlers were too young for this type of lesson, McCray responded that she had done her research and that she has a doctorate degree.

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