California teacher's union attempts 'damage control' after conducting opposition research on parents

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Shortly after California parents successfully sued to reopen schools after Covid-inspired lockdowns, a teacher’s union set out to conduct opposition research on the parent group, accidentally copying a high school principal to the email chain.

In March of last year, a judge ruled in favor of the North County, San Diego parents who sued the state for unfairly prohibiting local school districts from reopening. The next month, Ann Swinburn, a strategic research specialist with California Teachers Association (CTA), asked pro-lockdown activists for information regarding the “various ‘reopen’ groups around the state.”

In emails obtained by the Parent Association via open-records requests and shared in tweets by Reopen California Schools, Swinburn asked an activist parent arm of the local union about the “ideological leaning of groups that are funding the reopen lawsuits.”

Swinburn specifically expressed interest in the Parent Association, which states that “Parents are the best advocates for students,” and strongly advocated for the reopening of schools to get secure a more solid education for their children.

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