California to BAN Skittles in state where children can get sex changes without parents approval

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The California State Assembly has passed a bill that would ban Skittles and other delicious candy treats over chemicals contained that are linked to health issues. This is the same state that passed a bill last year making the state a sanctuary for minors seeking sex changes.

According to KTLA5, Assembly Bill 418 passed overwhelmingly in the chamber last week and now heads to the State Senate, where staffers told the outlet it is expected to pass and the candies will be banned.

The bill prohibits the manufacture, sale, or distribution of products containing titanium dioxide, potassium bromate, red dye No. 3, brominated vegetable oil, or propyl paraben in the state.

These chemicals have already been banned in the European Union, and have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and developmental issues in children.

But what also has links to reproductive issues is sex changes and medicalized gender transitions, which are allowed in the state, even on minors.

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