Camera Spots Tucker Carlson in Russia, Fueling Rumor of a Potentially Groundbreaking Interview

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Tucker Carlson is in Moscow, and the former Fox News host is being coy about whether that means an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin is in the works.

Carlson was photographed in Moscow last week, having arrived without fanfare in Russia’s capital. The images gave rise to speculation an interview was in the cards.

On Monday, Russia’s Izvestia newspaper published a snippet about the visit, according to Reuters.

“It is beautiful,” Carlson said, speaking of Moscow.

“I just wanted to see it because, you know, I have read so much about it, but I have never seen it before,” he said.

Carlson had a two-word response to the question about whether he would interview Putin.

“We’ll see,” Carlson said with a smile.

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