Canadian journalist publishes investigative report on vaccine side effects

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Canadian journalist Rav Arora published an independent investigative report Saturday on vaccine-related side effects. The side effects Arora investigated are related explicitly to myocarditis in young males.

Arora’s investigation includes numerous data tables and personal interviews with young males who are suffering from myocarditis. Although the writer’s byline is most often seen in the New York Post, this particular deep dive was published on his new Substack, titled “Noble Truths With Rav Arora.”

Arora independently published his piece due to the highly-censorious environment around posting COVID-19 content that may be perceived as “anti-science.” Nonetheless, the preamble of the report states: “The following essay has been rigorously fact-checked by Stanford medicine professor and infectious disease expert Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. The scientific claims regarding post-vaccine Myocarditis are fully in line with the current medical literature.”

“Over the past several months, I have faced insurmountable challenges in publishing my thoroughly fact-checked, interview-driven essays on post-vaccine myocarditis — an issue that concerns me personally for obvious reasons: the highest-risk population is young males,” Arora states in the first paragraph.

“My inability to publish even a single article on this topic strikes me as a shameful departure from my original motivation to become a journalist a year-and-a-half ago: shedding light on stories neglected, distorted, and obscured by elite liberal media,” Arora continues in the report.

What follows is a significant and eclectic piece of journalism. As verified by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Arora dives into multiple studies and pieces of data, outlining the prominence of heart issues among some young men who received the vaccine.

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