Canadian pastor arrested after protesting drag queen story hour event at Calgary library

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On Thursday, Derek Reimer, the pastor at Mission 7 Ministries in Calgary was charged and arrested for mischief and causing a disturbance for his protest during a Drag Queen Story Hour event at Seton Library on Saturday.

According to Rebel News, Reimer was “forcibly removed by proponents of a Drag Queen Story Hour event” that was held at the Canadian library over the weekend. Video from the event shows several men pushing Reimer out of the room and shoving him to the ground.

After he gets up Reimer says, “It’s very abusive in there. For love is love, that looks like very hateful, very abusive.”

CTV reports that Mayor Jyoti Gondek has said she will unpack the “reasons” Canadian law enforcement could not use existing street harassment laws to crack down on protestors of drag queen story hour events.

According to Rebel News, Gondek “promised to weaponize Calgary’s anti-street harassment bylaws to prevent anti-drag show protests.”

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