Capitol Report (Aug. 5): 528,000 Jobs Added in July Jobs Report; Pentagon Denies DC’s Request for National Guards Migrant Help

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There’s been a major breakthrough for the Democrats’ health care and climate bill. President Joe Biden and Republicans have commented on its inflationary impacts.

To break down the Democrats’ latest bill aimed at reshaping the federal budget, we’ll hear from an economist about how it will address the budget deficit and more.

The Biden administration is taking steps to protect houses of worship and religious communities amid what it says are escalating acts of violence.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wrapping up her trip in Asia, is met with more backlash from China.

A new report shows that at least 72 fake news sites are spreading pro-China propaganda. Researchers say the campaign is being carried out by a Shanghai public relations firm.

As more schools across the nation implement gender transition policies for students, one attorney explains how parents and teachers can use the law to push back.

Lightning during Thursday’s storm in Washington killed an elderly couple from Wisconsin near the White House.

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