Capitol Report: CCP Spy Balloon Continues to Float Above US; Jobs Report Exceeds Expectations

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The White House revealed that President Joe Biden learned about the Chinese spy balloon three days ago. What’s the latest, and will the United States ultimately shoot it down?

To weigh in on the Chinese spy balloon, as well as what the Chinese Communist Party is up to on the ground in the United States, we hear from North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer.

As the House GOP ramps up its focus on Biden’s border policies, one congresswoman says immigration and border security should be dealt with separately.

The January jobs report shows a strong labor market. The U.S. economy added a surprising number of new jobs, beating expectations.

Why are gas prices on the rise again? An energy expert joins us to discuss the problems facing the U.S. oil and gas sector.

Are the days of remote work coming to an end? Offices in the United States are now more than half filled for the first time since the pandemic lockdowns began.

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