Capitol Report: Chinese Nationals Make Way to Southern Border; New Sanctions Issued on Russia on Anniversary of War

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Marking the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden and Group of Seven leaders rolled out new sanctions and a renewed vow. And the United States announced a fresh wave of aid.

Inflation is on the rise again. Prices picked up in January after previously having cooled off for a few consecutive months.

Millions of American schoolchildren are given free rein to change their names and gender pronouns without parental consent. The author of a new study joins us to discuss.

Just ahead of sunrise, a line of illegal immigrants waits along the border wall in Yuma, Arizona, to be processed by Border Patrol. Where are they from, and what do they tell us about why they chose to come illegally?

An important case involving Section 230 is currently in the Supreme Court. An expert joins us to discuss what some of the ramifications of this case might be.

NASA has made an extraordinary discovery outside of our solar system. Find out more about the planet they’ve spotted.

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