Capitol Report: DOJ: No Immunity for Trump Over J6 Events; Biden Exercises Veto Power for First Time as President

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The Department of Justice says former President Donald Trump will not have absolute immunity from civil lawsuits in connection to the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

The Senate passed a bill to declassify intelligence on the origin of COVID-19. What are lawmakers saying, and how is the White House responding?

A House Republican says some countries use their media outlets as a tool for espionage in the United States.

AI technology, such as ChatGPT, is gaining prominence. A tech expert joins us to discuss some concerns regarding this new technology and walking the tightrope of regulation.

A new poll shows what Americans think about President Joe Biden’s age and whether he’s too old to run again. He would be 86 by the time a second term in the White House would end.

Liz Cheney was voted out of Congress this past election cycle, but the former Wyoming congresswoman is not headed for Virginia.

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