Capitol Report: House Oversight Chair Calls for Biden Visitor Logs; Carol Swain Reflects on MLK Day

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President Joe Biden gave a speech Monday while ignoring questions about the latest discovery of classified documents. Republicans are now demanding the White House turn over certain information.

Carol Swain joins us on Martin Luther King Day to discuss his legacy. How has the civil rights movement of today evolved from that of Martin Luther King’s era?

We visit the MLK memorial in the nation’s capital and take a look at how tourists and DC residents celebrate the life of the civil rights leader.

The mayor of New York City comments on illegal immigration while visiting a border town. He says there is no more room in the Big Apple and called on the federal government for assistance.

An energy industry expert joins us to discuss the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The House recently passed an important bill banning the sale of those reserves to China.

The U.S. Postal Service is set to raise prices at the end of January. That’s the second time in six months. What does that mean for your unused Forever Stamps? Find out how much they’ll be worth.

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