Capitol Report (June 10): Trump, Biden React to Jan 6 Hearing; Inflation Index Spikes

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New inflation data is out, and the numbers aren’t looking good. We’ll break down what’s costing you the most and what the president has to say about these record high prices.

David Brat, a former Virginia congressman and current dean of the business school at Liberty University, joins us to break down the 41-year-high inflation and where we go from here.

With Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen back on the Hill this week saying she doesn’t see inflation receding anytime soon, Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack joins us to assess.

Travelers boarding flights to the United States no longer have to provide a negative COVID-19 test result. The Biden administration is ending the testing requirement.

Former President Donald Trump fires back at Thursday night’s Jan. 6 hearing. What is he saying about the allegations? And how’s President Joe Biden reacting?

Will the Jan. 6 hearings wind up helping the Democrats or the Republicans in the upcoming midterms and beyond? Member of the House Judiciary Committee Andy Biggs joins us to discuss.

U.S. and Chinese defense officials met in person for the first time on Friday. The two defense chiefs traded barbs over Taiwan.

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