Capitol Report (June 20): Are Vaccines Safe for Children Under 5?; Biden Considers Federal Gas Tax Holiday

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The vaccination campaign is expanding to American children. This week, locations around the country are opening up for children under 5 to get the shot.

The chief White House COVID-19 doctor is appealing to parents around the country to have their children under 5 years of age vaccinated. However, many questions remain as to whether it’s necessary, but more importantly, is the risk worth the benefit?

The White House is scrambling to message to the American people that they are looking for solutions to high gas prices. The president says he’s considering certain actions, as mixed messages linger over President Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East.

Another important decision looms large: will the United States lift tariffs on China? Biden says he’ll speak with China’s Xi Jinping, while his own cabinet continues to show differences of opinion.

With the abortion debate heating up, a top official at the United Nations is criticizing the United States, while at the same time praising communist China.

Lily Tang Williams is running for Congress in the state of New Hampshire. She says she fears that the country she loves is turning into the country she left behind.

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