Capitol Report (June 7): Gun Rights Debate Rages on in Washington; DHS Warns of More Violence in US

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The lawn of the National Mall was covered with flowers to memorialize lives lost to gun-related deaths. Democratic lawmakers joined activists to urge Congress to follow through on restricting gun rights—even if they need to make compromises to gain the support needed across the aisle.

We were in Denver, Colorado, over the weekend where we had a chance to sit down with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and ask her about her midterm race and the debate over the Second Amendment.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen again admitted she misjudged the path of inflation, as lawmakers grilled her on some of the most hot-button issues, including if President Joe Biden’s policies have fueled soaring prices.

Seven states are holding primaries Tuesday. Many races won’t be competitive, but some are definitely worth watching.

With voters hitting the elections booths, California candidate for governor Reinette Senum joins us to discuss the race and talk about the issues concerning the people of California.

Biden signed nine bipartisan bills into law, all aimed at improving care for veterans.

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