Capitol Report: Lawmakers React to Newly Released Jan. 6 Footage; 2 Americans Murdered in Mexico

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Newly released footage of Jan. 6 is making headlines. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are now responding to the release.

President Joe Biden proposes to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund Medicare. How is the White House framing it, and why do Republicans say they won’t let Biden’s plan see the light of day?

Democrats and Republicans ramp up their calls to ban TikTok, as the Chinese Communist Party warns the United States to pump the brakes on the probes into the regime.

Americans were kidnapped just inside the Mexican border, two of them murdered, highlighting just how dangerous the southern border area truly is.

Former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf joins us to discuss the crisis at the southern border. How are Mexican drug cartels benefiting from human trafficking?

A private lender sues the Biden administration over the student loan payment pause. It’s a step toward lifting the payment suspension from three years ago.

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