Capitol Report (Sept. 6): WH Defends Attacks on ‘MAGA Republicans’; County Commissioner Removed Over J6

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Which group of people does Biden consider MAGA Republicans? The White House gives an answer while trying to defend the president’s recent remarks that many criticize as divisive.

The Senate is back in session, and funding the government is now a top priority. How much new spending has the White House requested? And will Democrats try to force a vote on a controversial issue by attaching it to the budget?

Pro-union states have been losing jobs since the pandemic. Workers are leaving states with strong union forces, preferring to work in states with “right to work” laws.

Californians will be voting on a $22 an hour minimum wage for fast food workers. What effect might this have on workers and the overall economy in the state?

A New Mexico county commissioner has been removed from office for his role in the events that took place on Jan. 6, and he won’t be able to hold any elected positions in the future.

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team must now confer with DOJ prosecutors about candidates to serve as a special master. The judge says she’s concerned about how the documents taken from Trump’s home are being handled.

Europe is facing an energy crisis that could cripple the economy. What does this mean for the United States, and could it ever happen here?

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