Capitol Report: US Collects CCP Balloon Debris; Biden to Address Divided Congress

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There’s just one more day until President Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union Address. We take a look at his recent poll numbers to see what percentage of people want him to run for president again.

The White House is now claiming Chinese spy balloons hovered over the United States during the Trump administration. What new details do we know about the balloon, as the former president fires back?

And what could have been the Chinese Communist Party’s intentions behind this balloon? We’ll speak with Bill Gertz, a China expert and national security correspondent for The Washington Times.

An important U.S. ally joins the United States in restricting semiconductor exports. This is expected to limit China’s access to cutting-edge technology. We’ll hear from a technology policy expert to break it down.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Biden are in the opening stages of debt ceiling talks. How’s McCarthy speaking about it just a day before the president addresses Congress?

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