Carey Price SLAMS Trudeau over new anti-gun legislation, calls it 'unjust'

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Carey Price, the goalie for the National Hockey League team Montreal Canadiens, posted a picture of himself on Saturday, holding a shotgun in protest of a recent amendment by the Liberals to Trudeau’s pending gun control bill which would result in the largest gun prohibition in Canadian legislative history.

Price wrote on Instagram, “I love my family, I love my country and I care for my neighbour. I am not a criminal or a threat to society. What @justinpjtrudeau is trying to do is unjust. I support the @ccfr_ccdaf to keep my hunting tools. Thank you for listening to my opinion.”

Pierre Poilievre, the leader of Trudeau’s opposition Conservative Party, re-posted the message via an Instagram story and added, “Hunting is a great Canadian tradition. Trudeau’s attempts to ban hunting rifles are an attack on rural and Indigenous people.”

The amendment to Bill C-21 was initially pitched as a way to prevent the sale of Canadian handguns but its scope would criminalize “a firearm that is a rifle or shotgun, that is capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner and that is designed to accept a detachable cartridge magazine with a capacity greater than five cartridges of the type for which the firearm was originally designed.”

According to the Toronto Sun, “The Trudeau Liberals aren’t even hiding it anymore, they are coming for hunting rifles and shotguns.”

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