Catholic Bishop speaks out against 'tragic and sinful' gender ideology in schools

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Bishop Thomas Daly, the head of the US Bishops Catholic Education Committee (USCCB), cautioned against Catholic institutions embracing radical gender ideology under the guise of “being affirming.”

Bishop Daly spoke with the National Catholic Register in November and said gender ideology has “no place” in classrooms and that it is “tragic and sinful” when it’s allowed in Catholic schools.

Bishop Daly who is from Spokane, Washington spoke with the Register in November during the USCCB fall meeting. He focused his comments on the importance of protecting parental rights in both public and Catholic schools. He commented on radical gender ideology’s “rampant” popularity among younger people and encouraged Catholic leadership to rebuke the trend and anchor their message in the truth about gender and sexuality.

He noted how some Catholic schools are allowing students to “pick your own pronouns” under the banner of “being affirming and welcoming.”

He said bishops are the “successors to the apostles and that doesn’t mean membership in a country club, it means that we have to protect our flock.”

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