CBC’s ‘regretful’ trucker convoy protester story falls apart

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A story hyped by CBC and CTV about a “regretful” trucker convoy protester is being disputed by those who were on the ground with him in Ottawa and those who have been victims of his previous alleged scams. Published Thursday, the story focuses on Martin Joseph Anglehart, a man claiming to have given away all his life savings to the truckers and he now “regrets” his involvement with the Freedom Convoy.

Salivating at the idea of a “gullible right wing” mascot, CBC seemingly ran this story to project the narrative that the Freedom Convoy took advantage of this well meaning man and that he is now regretful for taking part in the protest. However, new evidence suggests CBC ran this story without conducting the most basic level of investigation.

In addition to CBC, CTV also ran a story on Anglehart where he says he is “sorry to the people of Ottawa,” noting how they “had to endure all the horns and all the weirdos.” Anglehart also says he never really had a stance on the mandates, but allegedly gave all his life savings away anyhow. This was believable enough to legacy media.

Nonetheless, he alleges to have joined the protest because he was upset that he wasn’t able to say goodbye to his dying friend in hospital, due to pandemic restrictions. There is no corroboration for this happening.

Anglehart’s story is now being disputed by countless individuals who were with him either in Ottawa or have been victims of his scams across the country. Many aspects of CBC’s piece are self-evidently suspicious, but most were pointed out by Fox News Producer Gregg Re, who created a Twitter thread of all the falsehoods.

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