CDC refutes Justice Sotomayor’s assertion that 100,000 US children hospitalized from COVID-19

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The CDC is setting the record straight after Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor claimed that the Omicron variant has placed 100,000 US children in the hospital, with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stating that just a mere fraction of that number of kids has been hospitalized.

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Walensky confirmed to host Bret Baier that fewer than 3,500 children are in the hospital with COVID-19.

While the number of children hospitalized with COVID-19 remains low, the CDC chief stressed the importance of getting vaccinated against the virus, stating that those children that were hospitalized generally were not vaccinated.

“Yeah, but, you know, here’s what I can tell you about our pediatric hospitalizations now,” Walkensky said. “First of all, the vast majority of children who are in the hospital are unvaccinated, and for those children who are not eligible for vaccination we do know they are most likely to get sick with COVID if their family members aren’t vaccinated.”

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