Chalkbeat launches tool for journalists to choose sources based on identity

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Chalkbeat has announced the launch of a tool that will allow journalists to choose their sources by race or gender identity. The practice offered by the tool is being coined “source auditing.”

The creator of the tool, Chalkbeat, is an NYC-based nonprofit organization dedicated to “essential education reporting.” Their source auditing tool aims to give journalists the ability to add more “diversity” to their reporting by cherry-picking sources based on their ethnicity, race, gender identity, and age. The only professional qualifier optioned by the tool is “source title,” which is a nominal experience qualifier at best.

The announcement of the new diversity tool also encourages leaders in the newsroom to implement the tool with “broader diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging efforts.”

Chalkbeat’s sponsors include the Bezos Family Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Democracy Fund, and a plethora of other elite, left-leaning philanthropy groups.

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