Chaos: ‘Fans’ Rush the Field Mid-Game During Super Bowl LVIII, Security Scrambles to Stop Them

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Viewed through a dispassionate lens, Super Bowl LVIII was one of the best of the 58 championship games played, with the underdog Kansas City Chiefs winning over the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22 after a slow start to the contest:

The game was always close enough that every play was exciting. It was the second Super Bowl to go into overtime, the first under the new postseason overtime rules (where both teams get the ball, no matter who scores first) and a hard-fought battle won with a game-winning touchdown drive by a team that we can now safely call a dynasty.

There was, however, one huge, unnecessary distraction. Something that had nothing to do with football and was dumb as dust.

It’s something we could have all done without — and yet it was trending all over social media when football fans would rather have been discussing the game itself.

And no, it wasn’t a pop superstar who’s dating one of the players.

I’m talking about the shirtless idiots who ran onto the field at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.

According to a post from Snapback Sports’ Jack Settleman, he saw two people rush the field in a state of semi-undress during the third quarter of the game:

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