Chaos Hits Taylor Swift Concert as Fans Pass Out, Throw Up, Sob: Report

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A Taylor Swift concert on Sunday descended into disaster as inclement weather struck an outdoor venue in Tennessee.

Fans of the pop artist were forced to crowd together in covered areas of Nashville’s Nissan Stadium after severe storms hit the location, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

The areas of the stadium that shielded fans from the storm weren’t sufficient to accommodate everyone safely or comfortably.

“Fans were getting antsy as they were being shoved into each other and security continuously kept trying to part their way through the masses,” one witness told the Post.

“The rain pooled around our feet as fans took their shoes off.”

Swift fans were packed so tightly together for a period of hours that some began vomiting and fainting, according to the same witness.

Some fans even experienced panic attacks.

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