Chevy Totally Rejects Wokeness, Rolls Out Beautiful New All-American Christmas Commercial Starring ’57 Bel Air

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U.S. automaker Chevrolet has rolled out another moving Christmas ad spotlighting the enduring conservative values of neighborly collegiality, family unity and patriotism.

The 60-second commercial spot called “Mrs. Hayes” opens with an elderly widow struggling to start her 1957 Chevy Bel Air  Nomad in a parking lot.

“Come on, old beauty,” she says while turning her keys in the ignition.

As she looks in her rearview mirror, a flood of memories washes over Mrs. Hayes as she’s transported back in time.

One flashback shows Mrs. Hayes dropping off her husband in the Chevy. Mr. Hayes, who’s dressed in a military uniform, is going off to fight in the Vietnam War.

In another flashback, a somber Mrs. Hayes is seen driving back home with a box containing a folded American flag and the belongings of her husband, who died in the war.

Other scenes show the widow — who never remarried — becoming a maternal figure to the neighborhood children, including a boy named Billy.

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