Chicago-area carnival cancelled after teen street fight

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On Saturday, over 400 Chicago teenagers flooded the Finley Armed Forces Carnival, which was held in suburban Tinley Park, as part of what they called a “flash mob.”

Fox News reports this “flash mob” was the result of a post that was put out on social media calling for the youth to “cause chaos and disrupt the event” according to town officials. The carnival took place at the 80th Avenue train station and the teenagers arrived only to cause bedlam and start fights which eventually led to the event’s cancellation.

On Sunday, the village posted to their Facebook that the event was “canceled due to safety concerns stemming from a flash mob incident at Saturday’s event.”

Arab Chicago posted video of the violence to Twitter and wrote “A thread from last night chaotic scene at the Tinley Park Carnival: A place where families supposed to have fun with their kids!!”

Video shows teenagers getting attacked and jumped, various brawls including some with police, random running as well as teens jumping on cars.

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