Chicago Residents Revolt at City Meeting After Learning How Many Migrants Are Coming to Stay

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As the number of illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border increases by the day, if not the hour, residents of Chicago are blasting their city leaders for allowing thousands of illegals to stay in abandoned schools, police stations and city park facilities without bothering to consult local residents.

The population of migrants being sent to the Windy City has exploded, especially since Texas, Florida and others have had just about enough of suffering the brunt of President Joe Biden’s dangerously lax border policies and began sending busloads of them to other states.

Chicago is finally finding its sanctuary city policies are bringing severe heartburn as the rise in the number of illegals, many of whom are criminals, has risen so sharply that residents are becoming alarmed at how it might affect their quality of life.

City officials have run out of money to deal with the influx as budget dollars set aside by the city as well as Illinois state aid is practically gone and federal aid has yet to really materialize despite Biden’s obsession with casting aside our immigration laws and throwing the border open.

Time has already run out, as far as 49th Ward Alderwoman Maria Hadden is concerned.

“I’m hoping to really see a turn because it’s show time, the emergency is here after May 12th, we will see a surge of tens of thousands of people at the border we don’t have time,” Hadden said last week, according to WLS-TV in Chicago.

Alderwoman Michelle Harris added the illegals might be a crisis for City Hall, but she does not want it to become a crisis for her constituents.

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