Chicago South Shore residents REJECT massive influx of illegal immigrants

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On Thursday, the Covid-era rule that allowed the quick expulsion of illegal immigrants in order to  protect public health and prevent disease spread, Title 42, expired and a massive wave of border crosses began to flood Texas, prompting Texas Governor Greg Abbott to announce he would be sending thousands to sanctuary cities such as New York City and Chicago.

According to local news, only one bus of illegal immigrants have arrived in Chicago since January, but residents are bracing for more. South Shore resident J. Darnell Jones said, “Politically, having over 500 people in our community would completely wipe out any interest we have. Are you aware that there are immigrant advocates at state houses all over this country who are advocating for non-citizen voting in local elections? What if that happened here? That would change the mindset of what we, as a black community need to thrive here In Chicago. That’s a concern of ours.”

“This is much bigger than the mayor of Chicago or the Chicago Police Department. This is an effort to destroy our neighborhoods and silence our voices even further,” Jones added.

Hundred are expected to arrive at Chicago’s Union Station from Texas in the coming weeks and Chicago leaders have said they will house the illegal immigrants at a South Shore High School.

Jones also said, “Why would any leader put our Black communities already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unvetted, non-taxpayers steps away from our seniors, our children, and our homes we’ve worked so hard on our own to secure.”

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