Children fail to meet learning milestones after Covid lockdowns: expert

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A New Jersey speech therapist has reported an enormous wave of infants and toddlers “unable to communicate” due to Covid pandemic restrictions, such as masking, school closures, and social distancing.

According to the Daily Mail, speech pathologist Nancy Polow describes this concerning phenomenon as part of a trend observed in children born during or shortly before the pandemic, who are now “falling behind” on key milestones due to an abnormal lack of social interaction.

Harshening the negative effects of the children’s social isolation were the parents’ inability to get adequate help, as they were often met with lockdown-related roadblocks themselves, such as mask and vaccine mandates and the challenges of virtual doctor’s appointments for toddlers, Polow said.

Now that the majority of Covid restrictions have lessened, Polow says parents are scrambling to reverse the damage in their children, signing up for expensive speech therapy sessions that may cost as much as $1,000 per month.

“We call these children Covid babies,” Polow, who has over 45 years of experience under her belt, told in a Friday interview.

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