Chip Roy Loses It on His Own Party in Fiery Speech, Compares This Moment to Alamo: ‘I Am Tired of Words!’

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GOP Texas Rep. Chip Roy is unhappy with how the border crisis is being handled. Given that he’s a conservative in a border state, this is hardly a surprise.

What is surprising is who he’s turning his ire toward: his fellow Republicans, who he says are only offering “words” and not solutions to illegal immigration.

In a Wednesday speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, Roy invoked the specter of the Alamo and urged his colleagues on the right to address the crisis now — lest their voters lose faith in them.

“If you do not secure the border now — now — you are giving up any argument you have for the American people to put their faith in you,” the congressman said in a fiery speech.

“Will Republicans honor their campaign commitments to secure the border, yes or no?”

The proud Texan also said that the GOP of today paled in comparison to the bravery of their forefathers in the Lone Star State.

“What I am seeing right now from my Republican colleagues does not give me faith that they will stand up in the breach, as did those men who stood on the wall at the Alamo,” Roy said.

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