Chris Rufo calls out trans activists for masking radical ideology in feel-good slogans

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Few have done more to expose the woke left than investigative journalist Chris Rufo, whose work has zeroed in on some of the biggest issues of the day, including the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

In his latest piece for City Journal, Rufo took readers on a deep dive into the world of trans activism, highlighting how activists mask radical ideology in feel-good slogans.

He began by lamenting the fact that activism has slowly been seeping into America’s institutions, pointing out how the the Biden administration and its numerous agencies have pushed gender-reassignment surgeries, and various gender identities.

This has been achieved, he explained, via the use of slogans and euphemisms such as “gender diversity,” “LGBTQ inclusion,” “love is love,” “protect trans kids,” and “comprehensive sexual education.”

By using such feel-good mantras, activists are able to repackage their radical ideology as nothing more than caring for others.

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