Christian and Muslim parents sue Ohio school board over 'gender neutral' bathrooms

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In Bethel, Ohio, Christian and Muslim parents have joined forces to sue their local school board over a policy that allows students in their schools to use locker rooms and bathrooms that align with their “preferred gender identity” and not their biological sex. 

Fox News reports that the parents are represented by America First Legal and AFL president Gene Hamilton said, “School districts across the country – the leadership of which have been captured by woke ideologues and weak-spined bureaucrats – are actively destroying fundamental rights.” 

The parents allege that the policy, which was implemented secretly and without their input, violates their parental and religious rights.

“Generations of Americans have grown up in environments that have unquestionably respected students’ personal privacy in intimate spaces, separated by biological sex,” Hamilton said. “Yet here we are as a society in the year 2022 subjecting students across this country to the kinds of anti-science, social experiments that would have once been unfathomable and absurd a decade ago.”

On September 13, 2021, a faculty member proposed the rule change at a board meeting and claimed it was “unfair that transgender students had to use a private restroom away from the main restrooms.”

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