Christians Fill State Capitol with Prayer After Satanists Hijack Christmas Decorating

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If you’re paying attention, you know current conflicts represent a spiritual battle.

We’re fighting over biblical issues like homosexuality and killing unborn children, not to mention basic aspects of humanity like what determines who is a man and who is a woman.

One facet of that spiritual battle recently showed up in Des Moines, Iowa.

There in the land of black soil, expanses of corn, Midwestern values, and the memory of a young Ronald Reagan sportscasting on local radio, the Satanic Temple of Iowa has erected a holiday display in the state Capitol building.

Representatives of the “temple” refused to speak to reporters, according to WHO-TV, instead referring them to their website, which advocates for, among other things, “abortion as a religious rite.”

While state officials said the satanists followed proper procedures for putting up the material, a small sign on the satanic decor states, “This display is not owned, maintained, promoted, supported by or associated with the State of Iowa.”

The state may want to distance itself from the Satanic Temple, but a group of Christians refused to look away.

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