Clarence Thomas' questions Biden admin's ability to bypass Congress in forgiving student loans

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On Tuesday, Supreme Court justices heard arguments in two cases related to Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.

First, justices heard arguments in the case of Biden v Nebraska, in which six Republican attorneys general argued that the program is a presidential overreach.

US Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar for the Biden administration stated that if the pause on payments is allowed to end without a plan in place, “it’s undisputed that defaults and delinquencies will surge above pre-pandemic levels.”

“The states ask this court to deny that vital relief to millions of Americans, but they lacked standing to seek that result,” she said.

Prelogar continued on to state that “the states say the Act doesn’t authorize the Secretary to ever forgive loan principal. But the Secretary’s interpretation of this text is not just a plausible reading, it’s the best reading. Congress expressly authorized the Secretary to waive or modify any title for provision in emergencies to provide financial relief to borrowers.”

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